Lauri Maitland

Fused Glass and Enamel Artist©



My paintings explore the emotional connection between individuals, between people and the nature that surrounds them and between people and their own internal struggle.

The creative process has always been a way to relax and escape day to day stresses. Time spent working in my studio surrounded by farm fields, woods and water allows for an abundance of inspiration and creates a wonderful sense of peace that is almost meditative.

Originally a charcoal and graphite portrait artist, and after years working in the service industry I found myself in a situation where I could once again focus on my artwork. A subsequent journey through a multitude of mediums from fibre arts to acrylics led to the discovery of a love and fascination with kiln fired glass. The struggle then was to find a way to combine my preference for painting with my new love for working with glass.

As a warm glass artist each piece consists of anywhere from 2-9 individually painted, stacked and fused layers. The resulting pieces can be over an inch thick with the image "captured" inside.

This multi-layer full fuse process combined with using glass as the canvas adds an intrinsic beauty, luminosity and depth to each piece.

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