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I watch the way someone’s nose wrinkles when they laugh or the tender way a person puts their hand on the shoulder of a loved one. It is thru these intimate moments that I relate and connect to my world. Those moments are depicted in the realist portion of my work where life is black and white- it has rules. This portion of my personality I need, I find comfort and strength in the structure. The other side of my personality is the emotional, free flowing, impulsive- this is what I crave. The ability to color outside the lines and feel more than observe- this is the splash.  The splash of color that runs over the pieces are the heart and the soul of it. They are authentic and full of energy. My pieces are multi layered and visually represent a delicate marriage of control and freedom. Sometimes the layers will work together harmoniously and sometimes they will battle and compete but that is the essence of my journey, constantly trying to find balance between the abstract and the realism.

Glass was a the natural choice for my work. Its a material that also walks the line between structure and flow. Although perceived as fragile, glass is exceptionally strong as it from a state of solid to flowing and back during my process. The way the light dances and plays with the glass when a piece is finished adds a level of life and vitality that organically elevates my work. I form a partnership with the glass each of us bringing an element to the work that adds to its complexity and depth.

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